5 Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Dec 24, 2021 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, LRF, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Tips & Tricks, Winter

Living in Ohio, it’s one inexpensive state to live in; however, we never know what kind of weather will occur in the wintertime. With that being said, as a homeowner, it is recommended that you purchase warranties and insurance policies for your home. Doing so will cover you if anything in your home breaks or falls out of place. Claims are filed by homeowners all year long, so LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling want to give some helpful pro tips that you and your family can use to prepare for the winter months to come. 

  • Protect Your Pipes: If you’re taking a trip in the winter, consider draining your pipes to prevent them from bursting. Shut off the main valve, turn on all the taps (hot and cold), and let the water run until the pipes are emptied.
  • Clean Your Gutters: Before a big storm hits your area and covers your house in snow, make sure that your gutters are free of any debris, or you could find yourself with a costly repair in the future. 
  • Shrink Wrap Your Windows: If you want to keep your home warm and prevent water from getting inside this winter, you will want to find a local hardware store for some window film. These kits usually include plastic shrink film applied to the indoor window frame with double-stick tape and then heated with a hairdryer to shrink the film and adhere to the glass. If you are unsure of this, reach out to someone inside the store. 
  • Trim Away Any Dead Tree Branches: All it takes is one heavy snowfall for one of your brittle branches looming over your roof to fall onto your house, and well, you know how that goes. Keep in mind; the bigger the branch, the more expensive the repairs.
  • Caulk Cracks Around Windows and Doors- Cracks around your door can let warm air out and cool air in, resulting in inefficient heating and higher energy bills. With quick caulking, these cracks can be sealed up tight, keeping your home cozy all winter long.

Your dream home is everything you dreamed of, and something like ice, snow, and water can damage your property faster than you think. So, with this list above, you can’t go wrong with the list we provided to keep everything running well for the year. 

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