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Premium Heat Pump Repair Services in Pickerington, OH

Most homes have two systems for climate control. Usually, they have an air conditioning (A/C) unit for cooling, and a furnace for heating. Nevertheless, there is another option available that combines air conditioning and heating and can be used as a year-round climate control system.

Heat pumps are centralized, forced-air systems that work as both a heater and an A/C. Heat pumps are great options for homeowners looking for a different form of climate control that is efficient. In general, heat pumps are ideal for older homes and homes that don’t have existing ductwork, but any home can have a heat pump.

If you have a heat pump in Pickerington, OH and you need a trustworthy, competitively priced heat pump repair technician, give our trusted team at LRF Maintenance a call today! It’s important to call us at the first signs of trouble to save you from bigger, more expensive repairs. We have an outstanding team of friendly, certified heat pump repair technicians, serving homeowners throughout the Fairfield, Franklin, and Licking County areas; these are some of the best heat pump technicians in the local area.

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Heat Pump Services in Pickerington, OH

How do Heat Pumps Work?

Although heat pumps look a lot like central ACs, they offer both heating and cooling, whereas a central air condition only provides cool air. Another way to think of it: Heat pumps are an air conditioner in the summer and a reverse air conditioner in the winter. Central heat pumps are usually part of a split‐system, which means they have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Additionally, some heat pumps are packaged systems, which means they have the condenser, compressor, evaporator coil, and fan located outside in a single cabinet.

Throughout the summer, heat pumps cool a home’s indoor air by moving the extracted heat through cooling refrigerants, and releasing it to the outside. Like an A/C system, a heat pump has three main components:

The indoor unit, which contains the evaporator coil, extracts the excess heat and humidity from the air. The outdoor unit, which contains the condenser and compressor, releases that captured heat to the outdoors. The heat pump operates in a continuous cycle to keep your home comfortable. When the room reaches the temperature set on the thermostat, the heat pump shuts off. When the room warms back up, the thermostat turns the heat pump on again.

During the wintertime, the heat pump pushes the warmed air into your home instead of venting it to the outside. Moreover, in technical terms:

  • If an air‐source heat pump is heating a home, the cooling cycle is reversed. Whereas an air conditioner works just in the summer, the outside unit of a heat pump system works all year long.
  • In the outdoor unit, the heat pump evaporates a low‐temperature refrigerant. As the liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat from the outside air, which contains some heat even during the winter.
  • After the gas is compressed in the outdoor unit, it passes into the indoor coil and condenses, releasing heat to the inside of the house.
  • In addition, since the outside unit is providing the hot air, a heat pump system does not include a furnace. Instead, it utilizes an air handler to circulate the warm air throughout the home.
Heat Pump Services in Pickerington, OH

Emergency Repair Services in Pickerington, OH

Before You Call For Repair…

At LRF Maintenance, we’re more than happy to offer emergency repairs year-round for our customers. It’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. However, there are a few things a homeowner should check before calling for professional help. Here are a few DIY tips that could save you time and money:

Heating Services in Pickerington, OH

Check Air Filter

If your heat pump’s air filter is clogged, it can weaken the performance of your heat pump and prevent warm air from flowing through your ducts or vents. Check your filter monthly and be sure to change it as necessary.

Heating Services in Pickerington, OH

Check Thermostat

It sounds simple but without direction from these controls, your heat pump won’t run. Double-check that the thermostat is set to ‘heat’ and the fan is set to ‘auto’. Also, check your thermostat batteries and replace as needed.

Heating Services in Pickerington, OH

Check Pilot Light

If you have an older gas furnace, check to make sure the pilot light is still lit. If you have newer equipment, it likely has a display for flash codes and should have a panel showing an explanation of each code.

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