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If you are looking to raise the levels of humidity in your home (especially during wintertime when the air is the driest) we carry a line of humidifiers compatible with all types of budgets and existing HVAC systems. Experts say the ideal relative level of humidity in a home is between 30 to 50 percent. If your home’s humidity level is too high, your home is at risk of developing problems like mildew and mold. If it’s too low, you are susceptible to static electricity and health issues like dry skin, and bloody noses, etc.

You may be wondering, “why is Indoor Air Quality so important?” By reducing or eradicating airborne contaminants floating around we might not be aware of, we decrease associated health problems. However, the problem with indoor air pollution is that a great deal of the health problems isn’t evident immediately after exposure. Because some forms of indoor air pollution can linger for years and cause severe health problems down the road, it would behoove a homeowner not to investigate, or to educate themselves, and to find out what’s floating around in the air in their home.

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What is Indoor Air Quality?

Health officials define Indoor Air Quality as the quality of air inside a home or building, particularly as it relates to the comfort, health, and well-being of the people inside.

By cutting down on or eliminating indoor pollutants that are airborne, you can reduce the risk of health problems significantly. The concern with a lot of indoor air pollution is that many of the health implications aren’t always obvious right after exposure. Sometimes, it can take years before serious health issues are noticeable.

As such, residents need to ask themselves: What kinds of hidden toxins are floating around in the air I breathe in my home?

How Important is Indoor Air Quality?

Maintaining healthy breathing conditions in your home (with optimal air quality) is essential for ideal health and overall wellness.

Americans spend most of their time — an estimated 90 percent of it —indoors, whether it be at home, in an office, or in some sort of restaurant, work building, factory, or warehouse. In many of these kinds of places, experts are finding smoke, aerosol, toxic gases, chemicals, and other types of pollution floating around. A lot of this stuff is known to cause allergies, headaches, fatigue, and other breathing problems, in addition to irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, and skin. On a more serious note, the more severe indoor pollutants can cause heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, and other grave long-term health conditions.

Featured Product

Aprilaire Humidifier

Aprilaire has been there since the beginning by introducing the first whole-home humidifier in 1954. Designed and manufactured in the United States, each humidifier is built to last and comes equipped with a 5-year warranty. Each whole-home humidifier also comes outfitted with digital controls to let you easily remedy your dry indoor air.

Although there are a variety of styles of humidifiers, they all do the same thing: humidifiers contribute moisture to the air. This moisture increases the level of moisture in your home, penetrating the air particles you breathe, which goes a long way in relieving a lot of common cold-weather conditions. This can also help reduce the static electricity in your home (common during Ohio’s winter months) and prevent dry cracking in paint and wood furniture. Most importantly, humidifiers can help to improve indoor air quality and relieve a variety of health issues, such as dry skin and bloody noses.

Exploring the Benefits of Humidifiers

  • Is your skin dry, or lips chapped inside your own home? The moisture humidifiers provide added protection to your skin.
  • Do you have wood floors, tables, chairs, or other wood furniture? Humidifiers add a moisture sealant to protect from cracks and dryness.
  • Reduce static electricity: without any moisture, an electrical charge is allowed to build-up.
Humidifier Services in Pickerington, OH

Indoor Air Quality Services in Pickerington, OH

3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality.

On top of our many effective Indoor Air Quality services and products, we suggest the following 3 tips to promote your home’s air quality:

1.) Always Utilize Proper Ventilation

A lot of indoor air quality problems in modern homes arise out of the kitchen and the bathroom. Always remember, adequate ventilation is important for maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

2.) Make Your Home a “No Smoking” Home

Secondhand smoke from tobacco is the most preventable cause of indoor air pollution, health officials say, and yet it’s among the most harmful.

3.) Keep Rugs and Carpets Clean

Rugs and carpeting actually perform an air quality function similar to an air filter by capturing tiny particles like dust and dirt. Vacuuming once a week can improve the quality of air in your home.

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