Are you Having an Issue with Air Flow In Your Home In Pickerington, Ohio?

Sep 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

Are you Having an Issue with Air Flow In Your Home In Pickerington, Ohio?

Like the pipes present in your home, there comes a time that the ductwork that serves the purpose of distributing cool or warm air right into your dwelling needs to be cleared up. Build-up within the HVAC systems themselves can often time lead to the blockage of the air moving back and forth from the HVAC systems’ air handler. This leads to the inefficient running of the system due to the limitation of the quantity of air permitted in and out of the system. Below are tips in air handler troubleshooting including how best to recognize obstacles with return air inlet size, ductwork, and location.

Troubleshooting of the HVAC Air Handler

While some airflow issues can be solved by adding supplementary ductwork and inlets, this can turn out to be an expensive and time-consuming task that will probably require the input of a professional who will have to come into your home to carry out the job. However, intrusive ductwork additions can be avoided through the numerous troubleshooting tips for the HVAC air handler that guarantees an improvement in your air handler performance.

Performing the troubleshooting of the air handler can be done by inspecting the following components:

Blower assembly – If on taking off the blower assembly’s cover you are to notice a substantial difference in the quantity of air coming out from the duct, this could be a sign to you as proof of an air-starved return. To deal with this, ensure that no obstructions are present to hamper air from getting in the return.

Previous “fixes” – Any barriers or holes that prevent sufficient air from moving about within the ductwork without restriction should be searched for. A sign that air is possibly escaping elsewhere due to work that could have been previously carried out on the ducts is seen if some rooms appear to cool or heat quicker than it does in other rooms. This can be resolved by removing any barriers present in the ductwork and sealing the seams or holes with duct tape.

Air Filter – You should inspect your air filter, replacing it if needed because a filthy air filter can result in your HVAC system going into overdrive which could lead to costly energy bills.

Fan Speed – There are scenarios whereby the blower fans of the HVAC system fail to move sufficient air per minute inside the space to be cooled or heated. In such a situation, adjusting the fan speed could help although your American Standard Customer Care dealer should be contacted if the problem persists.

If you suspect that your air handler may be experiencing any of these problems, or if you are uncertain as to whether or not additional ductwork is necessary, then you should contact your regional American Standard Customer Care dealer like LRF Maintenance of Pickerington, Ohio for help in diagnosing any problems experienced with the air handler or HVAC system.