Common Furnace Myths

Jan 7, 2022 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, LRF, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Tips & Tricks, Winter

Before winter hits, homeowners will start asking others, “how to save on their heating bills?” But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the best way to figure out what to do because hearing things through the grapevine often leads to misinformation. As well as, some information given by other homeowners could just be a myth. Words travel fast At LRF Maintenance, Heating & company, we know words travel fast, so we want to help clarify what the truth is and what is just a myth. 

Myth 1: A Gas Furnace Is Always The Best Way To Heat A Home

A gas furnace is not always the best way to heat your home. This is mainly because a gas furnace cannot be installed if you don’t have access to the gas line. Another reason is that a gas furnace can give out extremely hot heat to reach the setting on your thermostat. Thus, wasting energy and making your home warmer than it needs to be.

Myth 2: Gas Furnaces Are Dangerous

This is easy to believe because of how they are made; however, any heating system has the same potential of danger. For example, gas and electric furnaces can cause a fire hazard if they are left without regular maintenance. Speaking of which, have you changed your filter recently? If not, here is your sign.

Myth 3: The Higher You Set Your Thermostat, the Faster a Gas Furnace Will Heat Your Home

The thermostat controls how long your furnace runs, not how fast it comes out. So if you turn the thermostat to the highest setting, it will only keep the furnace running longer. Thus, you will end up wasting time, energy, and money without receiving immediate comfort. 

Myth 4: The Larger the Furnace, the Better

Having a large furnace doesn’t mean better, especially if you have a small home. If your unit is big in comparison to a small house, it will take more energy to run and will eventually overheat your home. It’s best to do your research and select the correct size based on your home. If you need help doing so, call us today, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can help you pick a furnace that is fit for your home. 

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