Frequent Furnace Questions

Dec 17, 2021 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, LRF, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Thermostat, Winter

Sometimes, you don’t always know the answers to the questions you have with your heating equipment. No need to worry about your furnace, the professionals at LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling have your back this winter! This article answers some frequently asked questions homeowners have about their heating equipment. 

Why Is My Breaker Box Being Tripped by the Furnace in My Home?

If you find that your breaker box is blowing a fuse because of your furnace, it could be due to your blower being overworked or damaged. Obstruction or congestion within a blower can cause it to malfunction or eventually break down, which can take more energy to keep your furnace running correctly.

What Keeps Stopping My Furnace From Lighting?

If you find that you are the proud owner of a newer gas furnace, you get to experience having an ignitor that can automatically turn on your pilot light by itself. Suppose your electronic igniter goes out; first you should reset and reboot your furnace. If that does not fix your problem, then try turning off your thermostat and having an HVAC technician inspect your faulty igniter. 

Why Are LED Lights Flashing From My Furnace?

If you have new LED lights flashing from your furnace, that is not usually a good sign. Instead, flashing or blinking LED lights may suggest that your furnace is on the verge of breaking down. Try giving our office a call; our experts may be able to help answer questions over the phone about LED lights flashing from your furnace.

Knowing your furnace can bring peace of mind to you as a homeowner. Do not hesitate to ask questions during your HVAC services, or feel free to give us a call. Call LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling today at (614) 837-4822, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!