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If your furnace is currently blowing cool air, it probably means that the pilot light has gone out and needs to be relit. If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry. We understand that it may seem a tad overwhelming! But with our help, it doesn’t have to be. Your favorite LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling local service professionals will walk you through the step-by-step process of relighting your pilot light.  


Step 1: Before anything else, you need to find the pilot light. Even though it’s currently off, you should be able to see the opening of the pilot light burner. Oftentimes, it is hidden behind a door or panel called the burner cover. If that’s applicable to your furnace model, then you will have to take off the burner cover before being granted access to the pilot light’s opening. 

Step 2: The next step is just as crucial, so it’s important not to skip over it. Your safety is a top priority! Before relighting the pilot light again, make sure you switch off your furnace at its power source beforehand. Deactivating your furnace and turning it off is a must. The power switch most often will either be at the bottom of your furnace or near the pilot light panel.  

Step 3: Next, shut off your gas supply using the gas valve. It is also imperative that this step is completed. After you have shut off the gas supply, wait for at least five minutes before proceeding. We strongly recommend this so that the gas has sufficient time to dissipate. 

Step 4: While you are waiting for a minimum of five minutes to pass by, you may follow these steps to clean your pilot light as that ensures easier reignition of the pilot flame. Debris can easily accumulate around the pilot light, so carefully brush or wipe away any loose debris or particles that you see. You can utilize a small brush, toothbrush, or cotton swab to carefully clean the pilot light’s surrounding area. You want dust and buildup cleared away so that the flame has no trouble staying lit. 

Step 5: After the five minutes have passed, turn the knob on the pilot light assembly fully to “pilot” and then press and hold down the “reset” switch as you use your other hand to hold a long-reaching lighter or matchstick to ignite the pilot light. Be careful when approaching the burner; only do so slowly and with caution. The lighter or matchstick will catch and spark the pilot light back on once it’s close enough to the flame. When you see that the pilot light has caught and is burning, you may release your hold on the “reset” switch.  

Step 6: Make sure you don’t forget to turn the gas supply back on! 

Step 7: Another thing you do not want to forget when wrapping everything up is to return the burner cover back to its original spot. 

Perfect job! You relit your furnace’s pilot light. Although, bear in mind that if it turns off when you release the switch, there may be a damaged component, like the thermocouple. In this case, it’s imperative to call a service professional like LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling. A licensed professional will be able to properly diagnose any system-related issues and efficiently offer a resolution that works best for you and your home! 

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