Save on Energy Costs: How to Conserve Energy at Home

Jun 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Larry Ferris, founder of LRF Maintenance has worked with thousands of customers and has heard his share of horror stories. What sets us apart from everyone else is our products, expertise, and customer experience.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning offers an array of high-performing and high-quality HVAC systems that work smarter to manage your home energy consumption and help to reduce your electric bill and natural gas, propane and oil costs. Many factors can influence the potential savings on your energy usage, including efficiency rating, lifestyle and having the right-sized system for your home.

We’ll help simplify things so you’re not overwhelmed when trying to find the HVAC system that fits your home perfectly.

Save money, help the environment.

Our high-efficiency products can provide much-needed relief from rising utility bills and energy costs, while also helping you do something positive for your community and the environment.

The right size means everything.

An American Standard Heating& Air Conditioning Dealer will help you select a system that is the right size for you home, so you don’t end up paying to heat and cool space that isn’t there. We’ll also ensure that your HVAC system is installed properly, so you can depend on the highest efficiency possible from your system and learn how to lower your gas bill and save on heating oil, natural gas and propane.

Commit to maintenance.

Having your American Standard Heating& Air Conditioning Dealer perform preventative maintenance before summer and winter seasons will extend the life of the HVAC system, improve energy efficiency, reduce pollutants and save you money.

Replace your filter.

A dirty furnace filter can restrict air flow and increase energy use in your home. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted can save about five percent on heating costs. To increase the efficiency of your furnace , replace or clean filters once a month during operating seasons.
Look for the label.

Many of our high-efficiency products meet the ENERGY STAR ® guidelines for energy efficiency. Just look for the ENERGY STAR® logo.