Should I Replace My Furnace Before It Gets Too Cold? 

Nov 2, 2021 | Cooling, HVAC, LRF, Maintenance, Winter

You may upgrade certain things you own before you do others; believe it or not, you’re not alone. A couple of particular items you may tend to replace or upgrade as soon as it starts to fail on you is your smartphone or even the furniture in your home. On the other hand, the additional items you may forget about could put you in a tough situation, like repairing or upgrading your furnace before the colder weather arrives. In this article, our professionals at LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling help us better understand the importance of replacing your furnace before it gets too chilly out. 

Accidental Heating Replacement or Repairs

One of the worst things that can happen is your furnace breaking down on a cold winter night. Unfortunately, since older furnaces take more energy to run in the colder weather, they are more susceptible to breaking down in the middle of winter. It can be hard to find an HVAC professional to repair or replace your furnace at the last minute, which can leave your family feeling uncomfortable and cold. Save the difficulty of a last-minute repair by taking the step now to purchase a new furnace.

Expensive To Run and Repair Older Furnaces 

Repairs and energy costs can be very expensive, especially owning older furnaces. You’re not only at risk for damages or breakdowns to cover, but you also have to worry about your energy costs going up as well. It takes way more energy to run an older or damaged furnace. Newer, more modern furnaces are designed to run more energy efficiently, meaning your home will feel much more comfortable whilst using less energy.

Trouble Finding a Furnace at the Last Minute

Having your furnace break down on you is stressful already, but purchasing a new furnace that meets your needs and budget at the last minute can be even more difficult to deal with. If you own an older or damaged furnace, it is never too early to start looking for a new furnace. Looking for a furnace early will give you the opportunity to look through a variety of options that meet your budget and household needs. At LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling, we offer a great selection of furnaces to choose from with installation from our NATE-certified technicians. 

Are you thinking about replacing your outdated furnace?

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