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As a responsible homeowner, having a clear understanding of your HVAC unit’s age and condition is of utmost importance to ensure optimal performance and proper maintenance. But why is this knowledge so vital? Well, being aware of your air conditioner’s age can shield you from unexpected surprises, especially if it’s approaching the end of its lifespan. Typically, well-maintained air conditioners last between 15 to 20 years. Therefore, knowing your unit’s age empowers you to prepare for potential breakdowns and avoid being caught off guard down the road. 

At LRF Maintenance, Heating & Cooling, we make it easy for you to determine the age of your air conditioner with the following steps: 

Step One: Locate the Manufacture Date on the Condenser 

To precisely identify your AC’s age, start by finding the manufacture date of your AC unit. Head outside and locate your outdoor unit, known as the condenser, which is the large metal box usually situated in the backyard or sometimes on the side of your house. Once you’ve found the condenser, look for a nameplate on one of its sides. This nameplate will contain essential information about the AC system. Then direct your attention to the upper right corner or the general top area of the nameplate, where the manufacture date is often labeled as MFR DATE or something similar. If you can’t find it immediately, don’t worry; proceed to step number two. 

Step Two: Find the Manufacture Date Online 

If you still haven’t located the manufacture date, don’t fret. Simply jot down the model, brand, and serial number from the nameplate, or take a picture for easy reference. Next, use your preferred online search engine to look for the manufacture date by entering these three key details in the search bar, along with the phrase “manufacture date,” before hitting search. This search should yield several websites offering specific instructions on decoding the manufacture date for your particular AC model. Bravo! At this point, you should now know exactly how old your air conditioner is. 

Experiencing Difficulties? 

In the rare event that you encounter challenges finding the date, there’s no need to worry. It can happen on occasion. Rest assured, we are here for you! Simply inform us during your next HVAC maintenance appointment, and one of our skilled technicians will gladly assist you in identifying your unit’s age. 

We take pride in providing you with all the necessary information to effectively maintain your HVAC system. Should you need any assistance or have any HVAC queries, feel free to reach out to us! Our team is always ready to help. 

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